Man faces backlash over ‘selfish’ reason for refusing to attend a concert with his wife

A man's jealousy has sparked a disagreement between him and his wife. He asked Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum for help. "My wife is a big fan of rock music," he explained. "About a month ago, she started going on about one of her favorite bands [Tame Impala] and how cute and talented the lead singer is”. “Of course, that is no problem, and I'm not jealous of a random celebrity. However, she then proceeded to tell me this lead singer is her exact 'type' and her 'dream man’”. “She even said at one point (I quote), 'If only he wasn't married' but tried to make it sound like a joke. This man literally could not be more different from me”. “I am on the bigger side, mixed-race, short hair, and the musician is a skinny white dude with long hair”. “I know she didn't mean it to be hurtful towards me, but it kinda stung to hear straight up that I am so different from her 'dream' type”. "Turns out the band is coming to our city in a few weeks," he wrote. “She called me to confirm that I would go with her. I took a minute but said, 'Honestly, I'd rather not accompany you to a concert where you're just going to be fawning over your dream man the whole time’”. “This upset her a lot more than I thought it would, and she came home from work nearly in tears asking why I am being 'petty' and 'selfish' by not going with her”. "It's a celebrity. Are you seriously jealous of one of those?" someone commented. "I think there was a communication breakdown," another wrote

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