Man found dead in vehicle, FCSO says

The Fresno County Sheriff's office is investigating after a man was found dead in a vehicle.

Video Transcript

- And we are tracking breaking news at this hour. Sheriff's deputies are investigating after a body was found in a car near Olive and Polk in Fresno County.

- Action News reporter Natalie Granda joins us now from the scene with what we know so far. Natalie.

NATHALIE GRANDA: Yeah well Graciela and Jason, I can tell you I'm here off of Olive and Delbert Avenues where the road is closed off for that investigation. If you look a little bit beyond me you can see all those Fresno County sheriff's officials down the road. Information at this point is very limited, but I can tell you units are continuing to come in. One just went past the barrier not too long ago. A forensics lab and crime scene unit went through a little over 15 minutes ago. I can tell you an ambulance and fire crews are also on scene.

Again, information is very limited at this point. All I can tell you that we have confirmed is that sheriff's officials are investigating a body that was found in a vehicle. We're still waiting to get any information from the sheriff's office, and we'll be updating you both on air and online. Again, this road is closed for that information, and we will continue to bring you that information. But for now, live in Fresno County, I'm Nathalie Granda ABC 30 Action News.