Man found guilty of sexual assault in San Marcos

<div>William Perez, 27.</div>
William Perez, 27.

SAN MARCOS, Texas - A 27-year-old man was found guilty of sexual assault by a Hays County jury.

According to Hays County Criminal District Attorney Kelly Higgins, 27-year-old William Perez was charged with sexually assaulting a victim in January 2023 at an apartment complex on Peques Street in San Marcos.

The victim called 911 immediately after the assault and was able to show police text messages in which Perez, after being told that she didn’t want to have sex, texted her and said he was going to rape her. The evidence showed at the trial proved Perez sexually assaulted her when she refused to comply with his demands, Higgins said.


Police then interviewed Perez, and he admitted that he forced the victim to have sex with him. Perez testified in the trial and claimed that he "encouraged" the victim to have sex and succeeded in convincing her to.

A jury returned a verdict of 10 years in prison. However, they recommended the judge suspend the sentence and place him on community supervision.

The case is set for formal sentencing in March.

"The Hays County Criminal District Attorney’s Office will continue to work diligently to hold those that engage in sexual violence accountable, including cases where there is or was a dating or intimate relationship between the offender and the survivor of the sexual assault," said District Attorney Kelly Higgins.