Man found shot dead inside car in Durham

A man who was found shot dead in his car Monday morning has been identified.

Video Transcript

- Police are investigating the shooting death of a man in the southern part of the Bull City. Police were called to Kirby Street at Chowan Avenue at about 7:00 this morning. And when they arrived, they found a man shot to death inside a car. As Anthony Wilson reports, that shooting is very concerning to neighbors who say this is a normally very quiet neighborhood.

ANTHONY WILLIAMS: Durham police spent hours here on Kirby Street trying to figure out who fired the shots that led to the death of a man found inside that car.

ANITA BRAKE: It kind of frightened me, you know. This kind of thing doesn't happen in this neighborhood.

ANTHONY WILLIAMS: Anita Brake lives several blocks away from the area worked by Durham police. She can see this car with this driver's side window shattered by gunfire. Detectives confirmed the discovery of a man's body inside that car.

ANITA BRAKE: We're thinking that because it was a car out on the street, I'm hoping that maybe somebody came into the neighborhood.

ANTHONY WILLIAMS: About a dozen people-- friends and family of the victim-- also watched police gather clues, evidence, and any information that could solve this homicide case. Brake first noticed the flashing lights at the start of her morning walk. Another neighbor told her she heard about five shots before officers arrived. Blake heard nothing before she came outside.

ANITA BRAKE: And I went ahead on with my walk, and I saw some police officers two blocks over. And I didn't know what was going on. So I asked them, was it safe to-- for me to continue walking in this neighborhood? He told me, "Go ahead."

ANTHONY WILLIAMS: While detectives canvassed the neighborhood, she hopes they catch the person responsible for the violence that brought attention to her quiet community.

ANITA BRAKE: Anybody can get a gun, and you can't monitor everybody. A lot of people live here in Durham, and Durham is a pretty, pretty safe city. I've been here all of my life. It is a pretty safe city to live in.