Man gains impressive new talent after traumatic brain injury

After experiencing three car accidents within the span of a year. Scott Mele was left with a traumatic brain injury. But one morning, Mele woke up with an overwhelming urge to paint. “We went to Michaels to get some art supplies and I remember seeing the canvases and I was drawn to it”. Despite never having picked up a paintbrush before, Mele knew exactly what to do. Mele told Inside Edition that he “ended up painting every night for like nine months straight”. His traumatic brain injury had caused him to develop an extremely rare condition called acquired savant syndrome. Acquired savant syndrome is a condition where savant skills emerge after a brain injury or disease. even if the person never exhibited any interest or knowledge in those areas or subjects before. According to Dr. Matt Doll, there are only 90 reported acquired savant syndrome cases worldwide