Man goes viral for ‘monstrosity’ of a McDonald’s order

A Canadian man threw the internet into a frenzy after he asked for “extra cream cheese” with his McDonald’s order. Bryan Passifiume, a reporter for the Toronto Sun, shared his “monstrosity” of a breakfast sandwich to Twitter on Feb. 25. The reporter shared a series of in-depth photos of his head-scratching order on Twitter. The post now has more than 13,000 likes. “I ordered extra cream cheese as they usually just apply it like butter, but this is clearly just an exercise in passive-aggressiveness. How do I possibly eat this?”. “Almost as girthy as a regulation NHL hockey puck”. The gigantic sandwich, nicknamed the “McMonstrosity,” made its way into photos with several of Passifiume’s Toronto Sun coworkers. The journalist returned to the same McDonald’s the following day, reporting back with a sandwich comparison. "Here’s yesterday’s McMonstrosity next to today’s offering"