Man had no luck playing his own lottery numbers, but won big after a random draw in SC

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A man from Lowcountry, South Carolina, said he usually picks his own numbers in the lottery but decided to leave it up to chance during a stop at a Circle K in Mt. Pleasant.

His decision to go out on a limb with a random draw won him $100,000 as he watched the numbers match up on Sept. 27, 2021. His prize is the most a player can win without a Power-Up in the Palmetto Cash 5 lottery, according to the South Carolina Education Lottery website.

He snagged the winning ticket at the Circle K on Long Grove Road, and since he didn’t cash it in until after the new year, he had a long time to ponder how he would spend his hundred grand.

“I’m buying a new truck,” he told lottery officials.

The Circle K store got a $1,000 commission for selling the winning ticket. The odds of winning $100,000 in the Palmetto Cash 5 lottery are 1 in 501,942.

The Palmetto Cash 5 is a five-number lottery game, and drawings are held seven days a week. This winner’s lucky random draw was 14 – 18 – 19 – 25 – 29.

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