Man hospitalized after house explosion in Wissinoming

A man was rushed to the hospital after an explosion on Tuesday afternoon in the Wissinoming section of Philadelphia.

Video Transcript

SARAH BLOOMQUIST: Breaking right now. An explosion has rocked a Philadelphia neighborhood blowing off the front of this home in Wissinoming. Debris is scattered all over the yard. The inside of the house completely exposed. We know one person was rushed to the hospital-- Tuesday afternoon. I'm Sarah Bloomquist.

BRAIN TAFFE: And I'm Brian Taffe. The big story on "Action News" today is that house explosion and the investigation into just what caused that incident.

SARAH BLOOMQUIST: "Action News" reporter Jaclyn Lee is live there right now with what we know so far. Jaclyn, what can you tell us?

JACLYN LEE: Well, Sarah and Brian, Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel says this is the best positive outcome that could have possibly happened given the circumstances. The 61-year-old victim who was rushed to the hospital is in stable condition, so he should be OK.

Over here is where the explosion happened. You can see dozens of firefighters, ATF, police officers, as well as utility crews out here. And I'm told that they will be out here for the next few hours as they try to figure out exactly what caused this explosion.

At 1:20 this afternoon, an explosion tore through this home on the 6300 block of Algard Street. A 61-year-old man was trapped inside. This good Samaritan said he heard the victim screaming and ran to help him.

RAKYM DYER: There was fire on the steps, so I had to put the fire out on the steps first. Then I had to pull him out. When I went upstairs, he was on fire. So I put him out with the extinguisher, and I put him up on my shoulder. And I came downstairs.

JACLYN LEE: Officials say it took an hour to get the fire under control, and they're still investigating the cause of the explosion.

ADAM THIEL: Our units arrived quickly and found indeed the front of a house missing and the second floor heavily involved in fire. As we always do, we moved in, surrounded the fire, extinguished it on all sides of the building, evacuated the adjacent occupancies.

JACLYN LEE: This man stood in shock as he stared at his childhood home reduced to pieces in a pile of debris on the front yard. He says his brother, Steven, was the 61-year-old victim rushed to the hospital. He says the home has never had any issues like gas leaks.

MICHAEL: What can you think? I mean, that just doesn't happen every day. I lost my parents' house. I grew up in that house.

JACLYN LEE: And officials say the Philadelphia Police Department, as well as ATF, will be investigating the cause of this explosion. Again, the victim is in stable condition at the hospital, so that's the good news. And of course, as we get more updates, we will keep you posted. I will be here again at 6 o'clock. Live in Wissinoming, Jaclyn Lee, Channel 6 "Action News". Back to you.

BRAIN TAFFE: Still an active scene there, Jaclyn. Thank you.