Man Injured During Shooting At Ford City Mall

A 22-year-old man was seriously wounded Friday afternoon in a shooting inside the Foot Locker store at Ford City Mall. CBS 2's Steven Graves has the story.

Video Transcript

- But first breaking news. A shooting inside Ford City Mall. A shopper shot several times inside Foot Locker.

- CBS2's Steven Graves live on the scene with what he's learning. Steven?

STEVEN GRAVES: Hey, [? Brad, ?] [? Eric. ?] Yeah, you can see that police are going outside of entrance five here. This is near the food court. The mall is back open, because police think everything is safe. They're classifying this as a very targeted shooting.

Taking you inside the mall, though, stores are closed, including that food-- that Foot Locker. You can see the crime scene tape blocking customers from going in. We also saw evidence markers and items scattered throughout, really signifying that chaos there. Police tell us the shooter and victim were shopping around 1:00 this afternoon. The two started arguing, and soon after, multiple shots rang out. A woman who works next door says about 15 people were in that store when the gun went off.

LATONYA REED: But it was really close. My ears are still ringing right now. That's how loud the shot was, and I'm just thanking God that he wasn't pointing towards the wall, because a bullet could have came through the wall.

STEVEN GRAVES: And that worker says she saw a surveillance video showing people running, including the victim, who she believes was shot six times. Police say the 22-year-old man took himself to the hospital, and he is in bad shape. The gunman, meanwhile, is still out there. He apparently ran through the back door of the store. The mall says it is working with police in this investigation. They will beef up security if need be. Reporting live at Ford City Mall, Steven Graces, CBS2 News.