Man killed in hit-and-run crash in SW Fresno, police say

Authorities say the victim was driving south on Pickford when he was hit by someone in a black Mercedes.

Video Transcript

JASON OLIVEIRA: And new at 11:00, the search for a hit-and-run driver continues tonight after another driver was left for dead in Southwest Fresno. Action News reporter Alyssa Flores has more on what police know about the moments leading up to the crash. Alyssa.

ALYSSA FLORES: Yeah, Jason, details are still very limited at this time. But what we do know is that police are not searching for that suspect vehicle. They're searching for the man who was behind the wheel of that vehicle. He did leave behind a black Mercedes at the scene of the crash.

Let's give you a look at some video of that scene earlier this evening. That crash happened around 5:00 o'clock in southwest Fresno near Pickford and East Oleander Avenues. Authorities say that the victim was driving-- that the victim was driving south Pickford when he was hit by someone in a black Mercedes. Now, police say the driver of the Mercedes quickly took off on foot. Still not a lot of information about that suspected driver.

CPR was attempted on the victim. But he did die at the scene. Detectives were at that intersection in southwest Fresno for hours investigating as to what led up to that deadly collision. Back out here live at police headquarters, any information that you might have on the suspected driver or about the crash, police are asking you to bring them those details. Live in downtown Fresno, Alyssa Flores, ABC30 Action News.