Man Killed By Police In Lawrence Co. Reportedly Has Past Involving Previous Murder

Juan Carter Hernandez reportedly pleaded guilty to a murder in 2011.

Video Transcript

LINDSAY WARD: Overnight we learned new information about the man who was shot and killed by police after beating a transgender woman to death in New Wilmington. According to our affiliate in Youngstown, Ohio, this wasn't the first time he's taken a life. Let's bring in our Chris Hoffman who has the details for us. And Chris, can you first get us up to speed on what really happened here just last week?

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Good morning, Lindsay. We know the man was 33-year-old Jaun Carter Hernandez of Campbell, Ohio. He was allegedly beating 24-year-old China Cardena.

That's when police ordered him to stop the assault. He didn't listen, and that's when they shot and killed him. Now Cardena, she was taken to a hospital where she later died. And we now are learning Hernandez may have killed before.

According to our affiliate in Youngstown, Ohio, a family identified Hernandez as the man who killed their daughter Kandace Hernandez. The family says the murder happened in 2011 in North Carolina. Hernandez allegedly pleaded guilty to second degree murder and claimed he acted in self-defense. He reportedly was sentenced for 8 to 10 years, but Kandace's mother, Tammy Larew, wanted a longer sentence. She feared he would hurt someone again.

And her worst fear came true when she heard of the news of Hernandez allegedly killing Cardena. Larew feels if Hernandez would have had a longer sentence, Cardena would still be alive.

TAMMY LAREW: A few people asked me, do you feel that you got justice now because he's gone? No. I mean, he's gone, but he still did what he did to my daughter and to China.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Now we reached out to the Pennsylvania State Police about his past and trying to connect all this. We'll keep you updated both on air and online. Chris Hoffman, "KDKA News."