Man kills landlord, drags him ‘like a caveman’ during eviction fight, witness says

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A 64-year-old landlord was killed after trying to evict a tenant in Hawaii, police told news outlets.

On Sunday, March 19, Honolulu police went to an apartment in the Keeaumoku area after residents ”said they heard screaming they could not ignore,” according to KHON2.

The renter’s boyfriend, Kendall Gray, 23, is accused of fatally assaulting the landlord, Alvin Matsumoto, during the eviction, according to Hawaii News Now.

After Shawn Giles, a condo owner, heard screaming that wouldn’t stop, “he decided to go downstairs to check it out,” according to Hawaii News Now.

“I came down and I said ‘hey stop put him down leave him alone.’ He’s dragging him like a caveman just dragging the body,” Giles told KHON2. “I turn around and I’m like ‘hey put him down’ and he goes’ ‘oh call 911 he needs help.’”

The first thing Giles said he did was run back upstairs and grab his phone to call police, according to KITV4.

“The only thing you do know is to call 911 – I run upstairs, grab my phone, come back downstairs, and I see him putting the victim, who was alive at the time, on the rock wall over there,” Giles told KITV4.

Officials told KOHN2 they arrived at the scene to find Matsumoto “bleeding profusely from his head” and that the Gray left the scene after the assault.

Matsumoto was taken to a nearby hospital where he died as a result of his injuries, according to KITV4.

Four hours later, Gray was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder, according to Hawaii News Now.

McClatchy News reached out to the Honolulu Police Department and is awaiting response.

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