Man leaves rucksack full of drugs on tram - along with his name and address

Police shared the picture of drugs found in a rucksack that someone left on a tram - along with their name and address (Picture: Facebook/Greater Manchester Police North Trafford)

Police have poked fun at a man who left a rucksack full of drugs on a tram - along with his name and address.

Greater Manchester Police shared the error on Facebook with the title: ‘Deal or No Deal???’

The post on the GMP Trafford North Facebook page shows the rucksack and multiple small plastic bags with white powder inside, along with a Community Payback card with the person’s name blanked out.

Rucksack drugs

They wrote: “Police appeal to reunite lost property with its owner.

“A poor individual has forgotten his rucksack while travelling on the tram on the Bury line.


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“@MCRMetrolink have located the bag & have checked for any Identification inside to reunite the property with its owner & located; 25 Tablets, Large amount of white powder, small snap bags containing white rocks, snap bags containing white powder & scales.

“Thankfully the owner of the bag was helpful enough to leave his Community Payback card, his name & address.”

The post has been shared 1,000 times and attracted 1,000 comments (Picture: Facebook/GMP Trafford North)

Poking fun at the person involved, they added the hashtags “#thoughtfuldealer #dealornodeal #nodeal#honeyiforgotmydrugs

The post has attracted more than 1,000 comments and has been shared 1,000 times.

One Facebook user wrote: “Whole new meaning to deal or no deal” while another said: “So glad he/she had left this behind in error rather than his/her unbrella.”