Man looking into license to keep pet deer that's house trained

A man Delaware family has formed a very special bond with a perhaps unsuspecting pet: a young doe he aptly named Bambi.

Video Transcript

- A man in Newark has formed a very special bond with a perhaps unsuspecting pet, a young doe he aptly named Bambi, after his favorite cartoon. You see, a few months ago, Messiah El left a bread trail and was pretty shocked when Bambi followed it inside the house and made herself at home.

MESSIAH EL: Now when she comes in the house, she likes to get fed, her favorite spot is the couch. She'll go over, sleep on the couch, wake up, go tap on the door, and she regularly go back to the woods. It be that simple.

- Simple, right? Bambi likes car rides, gets along with kids and the dog, but not the cat. She answers to the name Bambi. And they now consider her one of the family members, bathing her, grooming her, removing ticks. Now, Messiah says he doesn't own the deer, but she does come and go every few days. And yes, they have a bond. She always comes back.

MESSIAH EL: It be random times, like, I'll just come out the house and there she is waiting for me. I'm like, oh, hey, Bambi, I wasn't expecting anything. I'll make some time for you, go in the house and get her her like-- she loves, like, fruits, like I try to feed her fruits and, like, little nuts and stuff.

- Yeah, and also she gets jealous when the dog gets too much attention. So El has been contacted by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources who let him know that allowing deer into the house is illegal possession of wildlife. So he is now looking into obtaining a deer license because they're connected. It's his deer. Let's keep him.

- Oh my goodness.

- Sounds like a TV show to me.


- A man and his deer.

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