Man lost $16,000 Rolex watch — then divers found ‘ticking’ surprise in Florida creek

Screengrab from the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page
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A man’s prized Rolex fell into a Florida creek — then divers found a shiny surprise deep below the surface.

The $16,000 wristwatch was “still ticking” when the team pulled it from the water on Wednesday, June 22, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said an older man was at Sixmile Creek when the band of his heirloom watch snapped, sending it plunging into the water. The man was “pleading” for someone to help him get it — so the sheriff’s office said its dive team devised a plan.

“Since the team was already out in the area, they decided to try to see if they could find it,” deputies wrote in a Facebook post.

The divers descended upon the creek, turning the search into a training session, officials said. Within about 20 minutes, one of the divers spotted the watch.

Photos show the timepiece resting on a dock as a person in diving gear grins on the waterway, located near St. Augustine and roughly 35 miles south of Jacksonville.

Several social media users were fans of the man reuniting with his Rolex, which had been in about 20 feet of water.

“Great job,” one person commented on the deputies’ Facebook page. “How lucky for the owner.”

Another person wrote: “Wow! What an excellent feel-good story - Well done! So happy for this gentleman!”

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