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Man who lost wife in drunk driving crash: 'It hurt my heart'

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"It took me 30 years to get her and it took a drunk driver seconds to take her from me," he said.

Video Transcript

JESSICA WHALEY: the recent spate of deaths caused by alleged drunk drivers, Terry Thomas says he couldn't stay silent any more. He has suffered immense loss while also trying to recover from his own injuries.

TERRY THOMAS: We was meant to be together.

JESSICA WHALEY: Thomas met Samantha Amos on the job in 1985.

TERRY THOMAS: She was a cashier, and I was a stacker.

JESSICA WHALEY: than 30 years later, they found each other again.

TERRY THOMAS: She invited me over for dinner, and I never left.

JESSICA WHALEY: in 2019, they married, 15 months of happiness.

TERRY THOMAS: She was the best thing that ever-- that God could have ever gave me.

JESSICA WHALEY: And then this. Terry was in the passenger seat, Samantha was driving, when Houston police say an intoxicated Ricky Caballero Jr crashed into them. The love of Terri's life-- gone.

TERRY THOMAS: It took me 30 years to get her, and it took a senseless driver, drunk driver, two seconds to take her away from me.

JESSICA WHALEY: This terrible crash happened last October. Recently, Terry has watched more stories of heartbreak, a mother and three children killed in a fiery crash, a rising star, and five-year-old also killed in two separate incidents, all believed caused by highly intoxicated drivers.

TERRY THOMAS: It hurt my heart. I said another good life.

JESSICA WHALEY: is sick of it.

TERRY THOMAS: These drivers running around, killing people, taking people's family members from them, their loved ones. People mean stuff to people, family members. People love them.

JESSICA WHALEY: Drunk driving deaths are up. So far this year, the Harris County District Attorney's Office has filed nine intoxication manslaughter charges compared to six during the same time last year. Caballero is free on a $30,000 bond, but just picked up a second charge related to Terry's injuries.

TERRY THOMAS: I got my neck broken, two fractures. I just had two neck surgeries.

JESSICA WHALEY: Every day is a struggle.

TERRY THOMAS: I need some physical help, grief counseling, because lose I'm losing it. Some days I don't know whether [? water ?] [? coming. ?]

JESSICA WHALEY: This the result, Terry warns, of drunk driving.

TERRY THOMAS: If you drink, please stay at home. Don't drive. You take a chance. You take a chance on taking another innocent life.

JESSICA WHALEY: Whaley, ABC 13, Eyewitness News.