Man Missing In Delta After Canoe Capsizes

The United States Coast Guard has suspended its search for a man who fell in the Delta without a life jacket and went missing near the Mokelumne River Bridge south of Isleton on Sunday.

Video Transcript


- Search suspended tonight, the US Coast Guard calling off its rescue of a man who fell into the Delta near the Mokelumne River Bridge today. That man was in a canoe that capsized, two others in the boat were able to swim and make it to shore safely.

- CBS13's Ryan Hill is in Isleton tonight with the family holding out hope to find him alive.

RYAN HILL: I spoke to a man that says it's his nephew that's missing. He says he's numb and his family is hurting. Rescue crews looking in the air and on the water for a missing 22-year-old man.

MACARTHUR SMITH: All we can do now, is leave it in God's hand.

RYAN HILL: MacArthur Smith is the missing man's uncle. All he can do is watch and pray crews find his nephew, Javon.

MACARTHUR SMITH: It's a hurting feeling. I'm numb. I don't cry, can't laugh, it's a very shallow feeling.

RYAN HILL: The US Coast Guard tells me that at around noon there was a call for three men without life jackets in the water near the Mokelumne River Bridge. The agency says that their canoe was knocked over from the wake of a passing jet ski, capsizing it and sending the three men into the water. Two made it to shore Smith says Javon did not.

MACARTHUR SMITH: Tragedy, it's a tragedy. He was a cool individual, he played football. He was a happy go lucky individual, he was just a good time.

RYAN HILL: This family, enjoying a weekend vacation, that's turned into a life or death search on the Delta.

MACARTHUR SMITH: Please wear a life jacket and take every safety precaution because it can cost you life.

RYAN HILL: The Coast Guard says that it searched for six hours before suspending its search for the night. The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office says that its search will resume tomorrow morning.