Man Opens Fire in Georgia Walmart Dies After Turning Gun on Himself: Police

Madeleine Carlisle
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    How soon before some tricky lawyer convinces the shooter's family to sue Walmart?
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    Feel good moment *no one besides shooter injured) if only all shooters would start with themselves !
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    W.J. Clinton
    Officers located the shooter within seconds, at which time he turned the handgun on himself, and delivered a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” the statement reads.
    In two days the families lawyer will say he was shot in the back while walking away from officers.
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    Why do men, particularly young men, favor the suicide spectacle in a store or mall? Is it a 'please stop me gesture?" Is it theater? And why is Walmart the venue of suicide/murder mayhem?
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    I guess Walmart might want to rethink their shooting down hi prices slogan
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    WoW, he had four names, I’m impressed.
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    Could' nt he have done this at home?
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    He probably got tired of waiting in a checkout line.
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    That's Whats Up
    4 names, impressive.
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    This wasn't a shooter.
    This was a kid in trouble with access to guns and a perceived way out.
    It's sad and if you are not seeing it as so you are failing your own people.
    There may be a lot of us in many colors but we all have friends and family, we are more alike than different.
    That some still miss that, that is sad.