Man outrages girlfriend after choosing a ‘guys’ trip’ over her sister’s wedding: ‘You’re gonna be single soon’

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A man is refusing to attend his girlfriend’s sister’s wedding because he doesn’t support it.

He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. His girlfriend Jenn’s sister Kelly was married to his friend Dylan. Eventually, Kelly left Dylan for another man and is now marrying him. The poster doesn’t want to attend the wedding because he doesn’t agree with Kelly’s actions. But Jenn is demanding he goes to the ceremony.

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“I have been dating my beautiful GF Jenn for three and a half years,” he said. “She has a sister Kelly who was married to my buddy Dylan. Dylan and I knew each other growing up but became friends once he married Kelly. Well, a year ago, Kelly left Dylan for some other guy in the middle of the night.”

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“Obviously, this caused a huge amount of drama and fallout. Kelly is now engaged to the guy she cheated with and is getting married in April. I told Jenn from the minute the new wedding was announced that I wouldn’t be going. We fought about this because she wanted me there for support. I told her that I believe only people who support a wedding should be in attendance.”

Jenn seemed to be completely in denial of the fact that he was boycotting the wedding and even RSVPed for him.

“Dylan decided to plan a guys’ trip for the same weekend as the wedding because he wanted to get out of town and avoid everything,” he wrote. “[He] asked me and his buddies to go to his lake house to fish and golf. Of course, I agreed and told Jenn. Jenn freaked out.”

“Since then, I’ve been getting the full-court press. Their mom called with Kelly and told me she knew about Dylan’s trip and asked if I was going. I said that I was, and they both lost it, saying things about how that isn’t how you treat family. I responded with ‘pretty sure Dylan was family too, and I saw how that worked out for him’ and hung up.”

Redditors weighed in with their opinions.

“You’re gonna be single soon,” someone wrote.

“I agree you shouldn’t attend a wedding if you don’t support the bride and groom,” another said.

“Good on you for standing your ground and standing up for principles,” a user commented.

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