Man pees in sink behind Starbucks counter and douses merchandise, Penn. cops say

Jared Gilmour

Pennsylvania police are looking for a man suspected of peeing in a Starbucks sink and onto merchandise in the store.

The man walked into the coffee shop at a Target store in Manheim Township around 9:45 p.m. on Saturday, local police said in a news release Monday. He then went behind the counter into the workers’ area, where he “urinated into a sink and onto several pieces of merchandise,” police said.

After urinating, the man left the store, police said.

“Note the wet spot observable on the male’s shorts,” police said in their news release, sharing a photo of a bearded man in a red shirt.

Police asked anyone with information on the man’s identity to contact the Manheim Township Police Department.

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Target isn’t the only superstore to be hit with a bodily function crime this summer: A woman was caught peeing on potatoes in a West Virginia Walmart earlier this year, and soon after that a teen in Texas was seen peeing on a shelf of wine, McClatchy news group reported.

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