Man pleads not guilty in Ill. bowling alley attack

An Army special forces sergeant has pleaded not guilty to murder and other charges in the killing of three people and wounding of three others during a mass shooting at an Illinois bowling alley. (Feb. 19)

Video Transcript

DAMON CHERONIS: [INAUDIBLE] discussed with my client who waived a formal reading of his indictment and [INAUDIBLE] to a plea of not guilty.

JOSEPH MCGRAW: You're in custody right now. If you're released from custody and you fail to appear, and your failure to appear is deliberate or willful, the trial will go forward without you. You give up your right to be present, your right to confront the witnesses against you, the right to assist in your own defense. If you're found guilty and you fail to appear at sentencing, and your failure to appear is deliberate and willful, you can also be sentenced in your absence. Do you understand?

- Yes sir.