Man Pulls Gun on Protesters as Rival Groups Demonstrate Outside Oregon State Capitol

Police intervened near the Oregon State Capitol in Salem on March 28 after a man pulled a gun on anti-fascist protesters after his truck was daubed with paint.

This footage, by Sergio Olmos, shows the encounter, which ends with police telling the man to get on the ground and put his hands behind his back.

The incident occurred amid clashes between rival groups of demonstrators.

The Oregonian reported that demonstrators initially gathered in Sandy, Oregon, for a “Freedom Rally” with plans to travel to the State Capitol. This attracted around 150 left-wing counter-protesters, the paper said.

Salem Police said three arrests were made. The Oregonian quoted police as saying the man seen in this video had yet to be arrested and police were investigating that case. Credit: Sergio Olmos via Storyful

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