A man who was put up in a Comfort Inn 'boardroom suite' discovered it was literally a boardroom with a bed

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  • Eoin Carrigan wrote on Twitter that his flight out of Chicago got cancelled and he was put up at the Comfort Inn O'Hare's "boardroom suite."

  • He was surprised to find that it was an actual boardroom with a bed off to the side.

  • He shared a photo on Twitter, where it went viral and prompted other travelers to share their hotel misadventures.

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When Eoin Carrigan's flight out of Chicago was cancelled on Saturday, he received a hotel voucher for the Comfort Inn O'Hare near the airport. The receptionist told him he'd be staying in the "boardroom suite."

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He didn't realize quite how accurate the name was until he opened the door and found an actual boardroom, complete with a conference table and eight chairs, with a bed off to the side. There was even a chair at the head of the table, as if an important meeting with a CEO had just been adjourned.

Carrigan shared his amusement on Twitter, where the photo of the "boardroom suite" went viral.

Other travelers who have encountered similar bizarre hotel room layouts due to flight cancellations or other mishaps began sharing their photos.


Carrigan told Insider that he didn't post a photo of the room on Twitter to complain about it.

"I just thought it was hilarious," he said.

The Comfort Inn O'Hare lists the room where Carrigan stayed as a "conference suite" with a boardroom table and a wallbed for $999 a night. The listing doesn't include a photo. 

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The hotel's presidential suite, also priced at $999 per night, appears to have a wall separating the bed and the family room. But the conference suite is literally just a boardroom with a bed.

A Choice Hotels spokesperson told Insider that the layout of the suite would be reviewed to ensure it meets brand standards.

"While all the hotels in our system are independently owned and operated, we expect all franchised hotels to comply with brand standards to ensure each guest enjoys superior service and a great hotel stay," Alannah Don, project manager of public relations for Choice Hotels, said in an email. "Based on the photo shared, we will be reviewing the suite design with the hotel's owners to ensure that it complies with our brand standards."

Granted, the wallbed can fold back up into the wall and out of sight during business hours. Talk about a short commute.