Man who rarely plays lottery turns $1 into a win after he ‘felt like having some fun’

Idaho Lottery on Facebook

A man who runs his own landscaping business in Idaho “felt like having some fun” and turned a couple bucks into $1,000 by playing the lottery.

Darren Hawkins told the Idaho Lottery he doesn’t play lottery games often. He and his wife Carrie are more into exploring the outdoors together, and they also regularly host family game nights.

“One day, he felt like having some fun so he bought a couple $1 Scratch Tickets from Extra Mile in Kuna,” the Idaho Lottery wrote in a Dec. 8 Facebook post about their win. “Turns out -- a couple of bucks won them $1,000!”

The Hawkins have raised three kids together, one high school graduate and two currently in high school, officials said in the post.

“Darren owns a landscaping business that he operates by himself, and services many homes in the Kuna area,” the post said.

Darren Hawkins said he and his wife are going to “have a well-deserved night out together and put the rest into savings.” But he also said he has his eyes on a new set of golf clubs.

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