Man reunited with dog who he thought was dead and buried

William Leong got the holiday surprise of a lifetime when Kona, the family dog Leong thought was dead and buried, wandered into a local police officer’s backyard.

One week earlier, Kona had slipped out of her harness after a walk and run away. After days of searching, Leong found the remains of a dog he believed to be Kona and concluded that she “had been attacked by wild animals.” He buried the remains and reported his discovery to the North Reading, Mass., police.

But a few days later, Officer Greg Connolly found a small black dog that looked just like Kona wandering around his backyard. Connolly sent pictures of the dog to the North Reading Police Department headquarters, where they were matched up with photos Leong had provided when Kona first went missing. Connolly took the dog to a local grooming shop, where he called Leong to come and identify her.

“It was the happiest day of my life,” Leong said at a news conference Friday, mentioning that his other dog, a shiba inu named Yoshi, had stopped eating in Kona’s absence. “I can’t imagine what I’d do without my dogs.”