Man With Rifle Stopped At Times Square Subway Station

An Ohio man is being questioned after being spotted at the A, C, E Times Square subway station with a semi-automatic rifle. CBS2's Kevin Rincon reports.

Video Transcript

MAURICE DUBOIS: We're gonna begin here at 5:00 with a breaking story. A man with a semiautomatic rifle arrested in a Times Square subway station.

ALICE GAINER: That's right. Police say the suspect was sitting on a subway bench with the weapon next to him in plain sight. CBS 2's Kevin Rincon is live in Times Square with the very latest. Kevin.

KEVIN RINCON: Alice and Maurice, if anything, it was definitely quite the scare here in Times Square. Police say they took into custody an 18-year-old from Ohio who was spotted near the A, C, and E lines here underground with that semi-automatic rifle. It was not-- the ammunition that he did have was inside a bag along with some sort of mask.

So far, investigators say the suspect didn't make any threats. No shots were fired. And apparently, he didn't know he couldn't just openly carry his long gun. He told transit cops he did have a carry permit in his home state. Now, he could be facing weapons charges. We are told the investigation is ongoing. Luckily, no one was hurt. Live in Times Square, Kevin Rincon, CBS 2 News.