Man runs ultramarathon a day for 86 days across Peru

STORY: This man traversed Peru by running an ultramarathon a day for 86 days

German adventurer and extreme athlete Savas Coban left Lima in November 2022

He crossed everything from Peru's deserts to its snowy mountain tops

Coban ran for almost three months, averaging 37 miles a day

3,212.5 miles later, he crossed the finish line in Lima

[Savas Coban, Extreme athlete]

“If you want something so bad, nothing can stop you. So, no matter how much pain I had – some days I had pain the whole day. My feet were bleeding, but it didn’t stop me. Like I said, this is my dream. This is my passion. And for me, I had to do it. It was not just for fun. I had to do it. So, nothing could stop me.”