Man says tackling suspect in deadly San Diego shootings was ‘right thing to do’ until police arrived

A man acting as a good Samaritan says he helped tackle the suspect accused of killing one man and wounding four others Thursday night in downtown San Diego.

Video Transcript

JUSTIN LARRABEE: My thumbs a little-- got a little dislocated, but it's fine.

LIBERTY ZABALA: An injured thumb and elbow is what good Samaritan Justin Larrabee says he got after he tackled a man who went on a shooting spree in downtown San Diego.

JUSTIN LARRABEE: He probably would have emptied his clip on everyone else that was there.

LIBERTY ZABALA: Police say Travis Sarreshteh shot and killed a man on Fifth and J Street before shooting at another group of men up Fifth Avenue. Justin says that's when he took action.

JUSTIN LARRABEE: After the first guy I saw dead, I started to jog up the strip towards the where everyone was saying, "He's walking. He's right there. He's walking. He has a hood on."

LIBERTY ZABALA: Justin says Sarresteh had the gun in his waistband, so he decided to tackle him.

JUSTIN LARRABEE: So I just grabbed it around him and just dipped him. I think it kind of knocked him out. And then, the other guy was putting some work in on him a little bit. But I had his arms pinned to where he couldn't move, really.

LIBERTY ZABALA: Justin is banged up, but he is glad he was there to prevent the shooter from killing anyone else.

JUSTIN LARRABEE: Because it was the right thing to do. And I'm not really scared of very much, so I wanted to stop him from getting anybody else, really.

LIBERTY ZABALA: And Justin also says another man helped hold this suspect down until police arrived, but he doesn't know that man's name.

For now, in Downtown, Liberty Zabala, Fox5 News.