Man, several dogs found dead in NC home, cops say. Homicide investigation underway

Getty Images/iStockphoto

A man and multiple dogs were found dead in a home, sparking a search for clues in North Carolina, officials said.

Now, the man’s “suspicious death” is being “treated as a homicide,” according to the High Point Police Department.

Officers responded to a home on Amos Street on Monday, Sept. 26. Notes from the emergency call “advised ‘someone had been there for a few days,’” police wrote in a news release.

At the scene, officials reported finding the body of 39-year-old Robert R. Baker, a High Point resident.

Also inside the home, officers found “several dogs dead.” The dogs’ bodies were decomposed, a sign that they had died days earlier.

The department’s violent crimes unit has since taken over the investigation into how Baker died, officials said.

“This death is considered suspicious in nature and will be treated as a homicide while detectives await autopsy results and follow up on investigative leads,” police wrote.

As of Sept. 27, officials continued searching for information in the case. Anyone with details is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 336-889-4000 or use the P3 smartphone application.

Officers in their news release didn’t say how many dogs there were or how they died.

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