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Man shot to death outside west Houston corner store

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The victim and another person were in a car when the gunman walked up and fired one shot before taking off, police said.

Video Transcript

- Right now, police are searching for the gunman they say shot and killed a man in his car at a corner store parking lot in West Houston. This went down just after 9 last night on Walnut Bend and Meadowglen.

Police tell us the victim and another person were in the car when the gunman walked up, shot once and took off. Police have not released a possible motive. And so far, no one has been arrested.

LIEUTENANT CHRISTOPHER BRUCE: Lieutenant Christopher Bruce with the Houston Police Department. Last name is spelled B-R-U-C-E. Officers were dispatched to a shooting that had just occurred at 2901 Walnut Bend Lane at approximately 9:15 PM tonight.

Officers arrived on scene at this corner store in the parking lot and observed one adult male inside a vehicle with a gunshot wound. He was having great difficulty breathing. He was unconscious.

HFD arrived shortly after, grabbed him and transported him to the hospital. Unfortunately, he was pronounced deceased at the hospital. Right now, officers are talking to various people, trying to develop a suspect description, seeing if the store has any kind of CCTV footage, as well as securing any potential evidence such as shell casings out on the scene.

Right now, our homicide detectives are en route as well as the forensic science unit. And with that, I'll open it up to any questions you may have.

- Was he the only one in the vehicle?

LIEUTENANT CHRISTOPHER BRUCE: No, there was somebody. There was a passenger in the vehicle, and he's with us.

- So there's a pretty good witness then that saw, I guess?

LIEUTENANT CHRISTOPHER BRUCE: Possibly. You know, homicide will be talking with that person.

- Is that witness telling you anything about the suspects that did this, about who you should be looking for, I guess?

LIEUTENANT CHRISTOPHER BRUCE: Oh, homicide investigators are going to be delving into that and getting more, developing a better description of the potential suspect.

- Can you tell if it was a robbery attempt or anything like that?

LIEUTENANT CHRISTOPHER BRUCE: Right now, the motive is unknown at this time. The basic information that we have is a suspect approached the driver's side of the vehicle, shot at least one time and then fled the scene on foot.

- Very good.

LIEUTENANT CHRISTOPHER BRUCE: Of course, this is the initial investigation. And we'll be talking with other individuals and collecting hopefully more information to develop motive and other such leads.