Man Shot In The Head In Northview Heights

Pittsburgh Police are investigating two overnight shootings that left two men injured and in the hospital. KDKA's Briana Smith has the details.

Video Transcript

- Gunfire rings out in one community just hours apart in the same spot. Brianna Smith joins us live with what we just learned from police. Briana, what are they telling you?

BRIANA SMITH: Good morning, David. Police say that there are two shootings in Northview Heights. Two men were injured and ended up in the hospital, and one is left in critical condition.

Just after midnight, police responded to the 800 block of Mount Pleasant Road. They were notified that multiple shots were fired. Some officers were already in the area from an earlier shooting.

So they quickly located the male victim who was suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. He's currently in the hospital in critical condition. As I mentioned, police responded to violence on that block earlier just before 9:15 PM.

An alert was sent out that several rounds rang out. Then a short time later, a male victim arrived at the hospital with several gunshot wounds. Officials are unsure about his conditions, but detectives from the Major Crimes Unit were at both scenes processing evidence. And they say the investigation is ongoing.

Now stay with us here on KDKA because we'll provide you with more information as the investigation develops. Reporting at police headquarters, Briana Smith, KDKA News.