Man shot in the head by stray bullet while dining at North Carolina country club

Adam Morgan, 57, said he was enjoying dinner outside one night when he suddenly felt pain on the top of his head.

Video Transcript

JAY DODSON: The meet was going pretty quickly and everything was going smooth.

- Jay Dodson was working the swim meet at Sedgefield Country Club on Tuesday, when parents and coaches started clearing the pool deck.

JAY DODSON: I was looking because it wasn't thundering or lightning or anything. So we were like OK, but they were like hurry up everybody get inside. So they're getting everybody inside. And once they got inside, I saw one of our parents who had gone to the bathroom was telling me what was going on because she actually had been the one who called 911.

- A member just walked in, he's bleeding from the head. He got shot out of nowhere, like no one knows where it came from.

- Guilford County deputies say 57-year-old Adam Morgan was eating outside on the patio by the ninth hole when a stray bullet hit him in the head.

- He was actually at a table right next to some children. So he just keeps saying he's glad that they didn't get.

- Dodson didn't hear any gunshots and has no idea where the bullet came from. He thinks while it probably wasn't malicious, there are still some safety concerns.

JAY DODSON: If you go shoot, do that at a gun club or out in the woods where you're really safe. If you shoot up, it's got to come down somewhere. And you don't want it to come down on anybody, anybody who's sitting there eating dinner.