Man shot and killed in east central Fresno, CHP says

California Highway Patrol officials say it happened at a homeless encampment in the area of Harvey and Winery Avenues.

Video Transcript

- About 9:50 this morning, Fresno Police Department received a call of a party who had been shot. This is going to be within a homeless encampment along Harvey and Winery. The actual encampment is actually on state property. Therefore, the investigation has been turned over to the California Highway Patrol.

What we do know right now is that there are two victims from the encampment. One victim was pronounced deceased here on the scene, who suffered from multiple gunshot wounds. He was an adult male in his 40s. We also have a surviving victim who has been transported to see CRMC, again with multiple gunshot wounds.

That party is an adult, also, who actually, after being shot, exited the tent encampment, ran over to the street on Winery, and flagged down help from a passing motorist. That motorist did call 911 to report the incident. Right now, we don't have any suspects. We are canvassing the area. We are checking video, as well as Shotspotter. We are asking anyone with information, our community, who happen to have seen something a little bit off, may have heard something, to please call the California Highway Patrol at 559-262-0400.