Alsip man, 50, fatally shot inside Berwyn restaurant

A 50-year-old Alsip man was killed in a shooting inside the Jelly Jam Restaurant and Pancake House in Berwyn.

Video Transcript

LIZ NAGY: Judy, investigators and police officers are still here on the scene trying to figure out exactly what happened to lead up to a fatal shooting that they say happened inside this Pancake House late this morning. Now what we know right now from police and investigators is they said they started getting several 911 calls just before 11:30 this morning that there was a shooting that had happened inside the Jelly Jam Restaurant at the intersection of Highland and Cermak road here in Berwyn.

Police say when they arrived, there was a man who had been shot inside the restaurant, and rescuers started treating him immediately. Witnesses-- or police say witnesses describe the man who started this shooting to them as an African-American man who was about five eight. They said he was wearing a purple COVID-19 protective mask. He was also wearing a dark colored jacket with some sort of light hoodie underneath.

Well, that man who was the victim of the shooting was taken to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, his injuries were too severe. He was not able to be resuscitated. Now, in the course of all of that, witnesses say the man who started this shooting took off running from the restaurant and somehow cut through a yard in a nearby neighborhood.

Investigators say they tried to establish a perimeter. They summoned a police helicopter trying to track down this offender, but so far they have not been successful in doing so. Now, the Major Crimes task force is also here right now involved in this investigation, and they say they are still interviewing witnesses trying to figure out exactly who this offender might be and what led up to that shooting that happened inside the Pancake House late this morning.