Man Shot and Killed by Nebraska Police After Ramming Truck Into Chick-fil-A

A man was shot and killed by police at a Lincoln, Nebraska, Chick-fil-A on October 8 after reversing his truck into the restaurant.

Shawna Ogden recorded this footage showing diners fleeing the scene. She said she and her husband, Todd, witnessed a man “clearly having a mental breakdown.” The video shows a man punching equipment inside the restaurant.

She said Todd “grabbed the man inside the restaurant to try and stop him from hurting customers because he was throwing trays at everyone. He then got into his truck and ran it through the building.”

Police named the man as 48-year-old Joseph F Cimino. They said that after leaving his vehicle he approached an officer armed with a “commercially available electronic control device”. When Cimino continued to approach the officer, he “fired his weapon at Cimino who died from his injuries on scene,” police said.

Todd Ogden told the Journal Star that he thought Cimino tasered an officer, before he heard gunshots. Credit: Shawna Ogden via Storyful