Suspect sought after man fatally shot outside NYC's Dream Hotel

Police say 25-year-old Byron Morales, of Brooklyn, was gunned down just after midnight outside the Dream Hotel on West 16th Street between 8th and 9th avenues.

Video Transcript

- We are following breaking news. A deadly shooting outside the Dream Hotel in Chelsea. It happened just after midnight. Eyewitness News reporter Candace McCowan is live there at the scene. She's right outside the hotel with the very latest. Candace?

CANDACE MCCOWAN: Yeah. And Shirleen, as you just said this happened just before 12:30 this morning at 12:22. Again, this is an area where you have a lot of those nightclubs, a lot of people who can stay out because those COVID restrictions have been lifted. But you can see the street is still blocked off here. You have Crime Scene Unit here and police still collecting evidence this morning.

This happened just outside the Dream Hotel downtown, police saying that there was some type of dispute outside the club and that is when gunshots were fired here on West 16th Street. The 25-year-old victim was struck in the torso and rushed to the nearby Lenox Hill HealthPlex. That is where he passed away. But for the many people leaving those restaurants and bars in the areas, they saw the aftermath.

- The entire street's blocked off. It's kind of crazy. I didn't realize that anything had happened.

- We didn't hear any shots because we were inside and there was a lot of music. But we came out and it was just a bunch of people, and we saw the tape and everything. Yeah, it was kind of scary.

CANDACE MCCOWAN: Yeah. And as far as police say about that suspect, they are looking for a white Jeep that might have left the scene after the shooting this morning. But not much more of a description about that suspect, who is still on the run. As for the victim, they are in the process of notifying his family of his untimely death and have not released his name just yet.