Man shot in rural Pontotoc County; suspect arrested

Mar. 11—A Stonewall man was arrested Wednesday night after he reportedly shot another man.

Brandon Scott Meeks, 39, was arrested on suspicion of assault and battery with intent to kill.

The man who was shot, Jeremy Young, was hospitalized and is recovering from a single gunshot wound to the head/neck area.

Pontotoc County sheriff's deputies responded to the shooting shortly before 9:30 p.m. at a residence in the 17,000 block of County Road 3670.

"Dispatch advised reporting party Dana Young stated Brandon Meeks shot her husband, later identified as Jeremy Young," Deputy Ashley Trower said in a report. "Dispatch advised Dana stated they are en route to Mercy Hospital via personal vehicle. Dispatch advised Jeremy was still breathing and was shot in the neck."

Meeks was still at the scene and was already detained by a relative who is a law enforcement officer.

Trower spoke with Meeks' mother at the scene. She reportedly told police that, after Meeks had had dinner with Jeremy young earlier that evening, Young later showed up at her house and said Meeks had "got his credit card and spent approximately $240."

Meeks' mother said while she was having a civil conversation with Jeremy Young and his wife, who, she told Trower, were like her children, Meeks came "flying up the driveway."

She said Meeks and Jeremy young were yelling at each other when she heard

about five gunshots. One bullet — a 9mm caliber — struck Young in the neck/face area.

Trower said Meeks' mother was visibly upset and was was extremely concerned for Jeremy Young's welfare.

Sheriff John Christain said Friday that the bullet entered through the back of Young's head and exited in front of one of his ears. He said Young had been released from OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City and was at home recovering.

Trower then spoke with Meeks.

"(Meeks) then stated Jeremy always carries a pistol generally in his center console," Trower said. "(Meeks) then stated again Jeremy got out of the truck 'rather quickly' and 'he comes at me.' (Meeks) stated Jeremy was coming at him aggressively. (Meeks) stated he was taught when someone comes at him aggressively, he can defend himself. (Meeks) stated he warned Jeremy three different times to get back in his truck and he didn't and 'I fired.' I asked (Meeks) if him and Jeremy engaged in a physical altercation in which he replied 'No, I did not let him get that close.' I asked (Meeks) how close Jeremy was to him when he fired. (Meeks) backed away from me and showed a distance of approximately 8 to 10 feet."

Trower said she confirmed with Meeks that he said 8 to 10 feet.

"I asked (Meeks) what Jeremy was saying to him at that point," Trower said. "(Meeks) stated 'It wasn't he was saying anything, it was his mannerism, his body language, his mannerism.' (Meeks) stated it scared him. I clarified and asked (Meeks) again if Jeremy had said anything to him in which (he) stated no. (Meeks) went on to say how Jeremy woke his mom up and disturbed the peace. (Meeks) stated no one comes up on the property unless they are invited."