Man shows up to site of Santa Fe High School shooting with American flag, Trump hat and gun

Alex Lasker

A Texas man stirred up controversy when he arrived at the scene of the Santa Fe High School shooting with an American flag and a pistol on his hip.

Footage shared on Twitter by Scott McGrew shows two news reporters from local stations KHOU and KPRC interviewing an unidentified man at a gas station near the scene of Friday's mass shooting, which reportedly left multiple victims dead.

"What was going through your head when you found out that this was going on?" one reporter asked the man. 

"Get to the school, make America great again," he responded.

"By doing what? What was your plan of action?" she continued. 

"Offering support," he said. "Just, 'God bless y'all' will go a long way right now for a lot of people."

"God bless y'all," he added before walking away from the cameras. 

Another man who overheard the interview then approached the reporter in a rage.

"We need prayers, okay? We need prayers. This idiot is walking down the street with a damn pistol on his side when we just had kids get shot," he said. 

"I'm a gun rights person, I have guns. But this idiot is walking down here and saying that he needs to make America great again," he continued. "That's not what America needs — America needs prayers. We don't need this crap. I'm sorry, I believe in the Second Amendment, I believe in everything, but this guy right here is walking into a crime scene with a pistol on him. This is an embarrassment."

One suspect was taken into custody and a second one was detained following the incident, according to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez