Man steals police car immediately after they revive him from a drug overdose

Chris Riotta

Authorities have launched a manhunt for a suspect who stole a police cruiser moments after being revived from an apparent overdose.

Police were responding to reports of a man having overdosed at a home in Columbus, Ohio, on Friday at about 8:45am when they found Jeremy Davis.

Officers administered Narcan, a nasal spray that helps to reverse opioid overdoses, and successfully revived the 25-year-old.

Mr Davis was still being examined by paramedics inside an ambulance near the house where he was found on East Gates Street, located in the city’s South Side, when he reportedly jumped out of the vehicle and into an police cruiser.

The cruiser was unattended and running when Mr Davis entered it and drove away from the scene, the Columbus Dispatch reported on Friday. He crashed nearly two miles away near East Woodrow Avenue and South Pearl Street, according to the newspaper.

After crashing the cruiser, Mr Davis took off from the wreck by foot, police said.

The Columbus Division of Police’s Facebook account shared a mugshot photo of Mr Davis, who is seen with multiple neck and face tattoos as well as facial hair.

Calls to the Columbus Ohio Police Department were not immediately returned.

Officers were reviewing whether he had any outstanding arrest warrants when he ran out of the ambulance.

Authorities have urged the local community to call 911 with any information about Mr Davis and his whereabouts.