Man Stranded in Las Vegas Parking Garage as Rain Floods City

Heavy rain caused flash flooding in the Las Vegas area on Thursday night, August 11, footage shows.

The National Weather Service warned that heavy rain, nuisance flooding, frequent lightning, and wind gusts could be expected in Clark County, Nevada, until after midnight into Friday.

The NWS said the region has so far recorded its wettest monsoon season in 10 years, with more than a month and a half of the rainy season still to come.

Footage streamed live to Facebook by Raul Gutierrez shows the extent of the flooding in a parking garage on Thursday night. Credit: Raul Gutierrez via Storyful

Video Transcript

RAUL GUTIERREZ: Hey, everyone. So I'm at the LINQ parking lot. I'm on the second floor, I believe. And as you can see, I'm actually flooded in because I'm parked in the parking lot.

So this is what happens. It's flash flooding. I mean, it's scary. [LAUGHS] I'm going to walk over to another section where you can see what I'm talking about.

- Hey.

RAUL GUTIERREZ: Hey, guys. All right, so this is a parking area. I was just walking right over there not 20 minutes ago. And about four feet of water. This is-- wow.

I'm under the LINQ Casino in Las Vegas. I'm on the second floor. That's the first floor. And-- oh, shit. The ground just shook really badly. I'm going to start getting out of here. This is really bad.

Look at that. I can't see it, but-- and then over here, it's perfectly dry. This is what happens-- flash flooding in Las Vegas.

It's dying down. So that's good. All right. Well, hopefully I don't get in trouble for walking over here. But it should be safe. Run. [LAUGHS] Flash was thunder. I mean lightning. Oh, my God. Look at this.

Excuse me, gentlemen. Can I stand by that pillar there just to get some footage?

- I would not recommend it.

- I wouldn't recommend it, boss.

- Yeah, the area's looking kind of slippery.

RAUL GUTIERREZ: Oh, OK, OK. No, no, thank you. That's why I asked.

- It's a lot deeper than it looks.

RAUL GUTIERREZ: Yeah, I'm kind of stranded. My car's in the parking lot. I ain't getting out.

- Which one?

RAUL GUTIERREZ: The self-parking that goes in more by the taxi.

- Oh, you can get out from there.

RAUL GUTIERREZ: No, I think it's a roundabout. You have to turn around.

- We have a egress ramp that leads down into this alley right here. So when you're going to the broad self-parking up by the Bally area, yeah, that first floor where you normally would come in, you go right right there. There's a ramp on that first floor as you're coming around that turn.


- There's a ramp right there in the corner, that arm stretched out. That's where all these ramps come down.

RAUL GUTIERREZ: OK. Yeah, cause I wanted to get some video, and now I'm stuck. Thank you, though.

- Hey, no worries.

RAUL GUTIERREZ: Well, you guys heard that. There is a way out. People are just waiting their Uber. No Uber for me. Oh, slippery when wet for sure.

OK, so where it says self-parking, I was standing there like 5 minutes ago, 10 minutes ago. But this was the street that drove by, drove through. Well, it was a street. Now it's a river. And if you're watching this and it wasn't live, you missed it. Man, this is scary though. Flash flooding in Las Vegas.

Everybody inside is having like a normal night. And then we got some event. All right. All right, here we go. I'm under the Ferris wheel. What's up, guys?

Some big drops coming from up the-- oh, sorry. It's not even raining anymore.


Man, look at that. It's just amazing. If I can zoom in-- yes. Look at that. That's about a good two, three feet of water there. And all the debris that gets collected is getting caught right there. Can you imagine the cleanup effort? It's kind of sad, but what are you going to do? It's very sad. Man.

- Well, I don't want to trap you here, but we're going to close that gate.

RAUL GUTIERREZ: You're going to close that gate?

- Yeah.

RAUL GUTIERREZ: I can go that way, right?

- Not really. Where are you going?

RAUL GUTIERREZ: I'm over here. I'm over there. I'm over there. I'm good.

- I don't know how you're crossing that.


- Good?

RAUL GUTIERREZ: Yeah. Thank you.

- OK.

RAUL GUTIERREZ: All right. Bye.

Sorry, everyone. I got to move. Relocate. Oh, that's not a good idea, sir. Do not drive that way. Hello there. So what's security saying here?

That's crazy. This is Las Vegas. This is the scary part. I'm shaking. It's so crazy. Oh, my God.

And in case anybody's wondering, yeah, that's a GoPro. I'm recording it. So it's not only live. It's going to be on YouTube. It's amazing. Scary though.

Yeah. Victor, this is the LINQ. The LINQ is a hotel. On the opposite side of where I'm standing is the Las Vegas Strip. So I'm at the LINQ hotel where the-- right under the Ferris wheel. And that's where the water goes down.

It's like two rivers. Because there's so much water, it has to go around. So there's another river over there. Wow.

So this is what you see on the news that I'm bringing it to you live. [LAUGHS]

Look at that. Look at all that debris. That is all trash just washed down. The only spot that didn't get trash caught is that. But all that water's got to go somewhere. Oh, man.

Can you imagine driving down that? I mean, that's a good 4 feet of water there. Somebody's throwing trash? The hell?

I don't know what that's all about. I guess some water came through here earlier.

It's like it's someone's home were just flooded. Now there's stuff just-- there's mud. This is mud and rocks. Mud and rocks. Look at that. It's dying down, but still, it's pretty wild.

That thing's so bright. Well, I'm going to end this soon, see where I can walk to and see what else I can see. But thanks for watching, whoever was watching. Have a good night. Stay safe, stay dry. Bye-bye.

Water was up to here not too long ago. It died down a little bit. So that's good. All right. Goodnight, everyone.