Man struck by mysterious bullet at North Carolina golf club in ‘crazy’ accident

The man, who was eating on a patio, thought he had been struck by a golf ball — until he pulled a bullet of unknown origin from his head.

Video Transcript

RICK CATES: The chances of that hitting someone is crazy.

- Call it a one in a million chance. So Tuesday night, the odds were against a 57-year-old man when a stray bullet pierced his head while he was eating on the patio at Sedgefield Country Club.

- A member just walked in bleeding from the head. He came out of the bathroom and showed me.

- Rick Cates was sitting two tables down from the man. He says everyone else outside was initially clueless there was a problem.

RICK CATES: He just got up and went to the restroom. He didn't say ouch.

- The victim told us over the phone he assumed a golf ball hit him. When he went inside to feel over his head, he pulled out a bullet, then asked an employee to call 911.

- He was sitting on the cafe eating food, and no one knows where it came from.

- Where the bullet came from remains a mystery. What's clear though, is what goes up, must come down.

RICK CATES: People need to be better with guns. Don't fire them in the air, for sure. It's not a smart thing to do.

- Rick is thankful no one was seriously injured or killed. He's hopeful no one else will have the same bad luck.

RICK CATES: I didn't even get nervous or panicky or upset. It's just some very random event that happened, and that will happen again.