Man taken aback by girlfriend’s ‘messed up’ action: ‘A huge invasion of privacy’A guy brok

A guy broke up with his girlfriend after Reddit users convinced him she betrayed his trust. He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum after he discovered his girlfriend made a copy of the key to his apartment without his permission. She gave the key to her little brother so that he could visit whenever he wanted. “I told him I never said that and I called my girlfriend [...] Her brother gave [me] the key his sister gave him and he was apologetic” . “But I told him it wasn’t his fault. My girlfriend gave me my key back and she’s been distant the last few days”. Users agreed that what the man’s girlfriend did crossed a line. “If she can’t understand that it is a huge invasion of your privacy and betrayal of your trust, I can only hope she just never learned better,” one person wrote. After readers shared their thoughts, the user revealed he broke up with his girlfriend