Man, teen son stabbed after trying to stop domestic violence incident at McDonald’s: Police

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Two people are in custody and two people have sustained life-threatening stab wounds after a confrontation unfolded in a McDonald’s parking lot in Kelso, Washington late last month, law enforcement officials said.

It all began on Jan. 27 around 10:30 p.m. when two Longview residents, a 43-year-old man and his 15-year-old son, observed what seemed to be a “domestic violence event” outside the fast food restaurant, the Kelso Police Department said in a release. The man attempted to de-escalate a 19-year-old’s alleged aggression toward a female.

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The 19-year-old, identified as Longview resident Kamrin Kerr, had a 16-year-old accomplice armed with a knife, with the two of them surrounding the man and his son who were trying to stop the alleged domestic violence incident. A physical altercation ensued in which both the 43-year-old man and his 15-year-old son were stabbed with life-threatening injuries. Police did not release the current medical status of the man and his son.

Kerr was taken into custody by Kelso police on Jan. 31, while the 16-year-old who had the knife was taken into custody Thursday at 12:30 p.m., officials said. Both of the suspects are being held on first-degree assault charges.

Kelos police said the incident is an active investigation and further information about it is currently limited.

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