Man who called 911 on Antonio Brown reportedly believed Brown was high during confrontation

Audio from the Antonio Brown 911 call has been released. (Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

The man who called 911 on former New England Patriots receiver Antonio Brown reportedly believed Brown was high at the time of the confrontation.

Audio from the alleged call was obtained by TMZ. In the audio, the man claims Brown is “high” and that Brown smoked before threatening the man — who works for a moving company — and throwing rocks at the man’s moving truck.

The confrontation — which occurred Tuesday — reportedly started after 31-year-old Brown refused to pay the moving company. The man on the 911 call explained that Brown needed to pay before the items could be unloaded from the truck.

The 911 dispatcher asks the man to clarify whether Brown was “on something.” The man replies, “Oh, absolutely. He smoked in front of me.”

While TMZ released a portion of the audio, the 911 call about the incident was reportedly 30 minutes long. TMZ says the man eventually got Brown to pay for the items, but Brown allegedly refused to pay an $800 fee for the damage he caused.

The man also claimed Brown was aggressive during the confrontation, according to TMZ.

The caller tells dispatch Brown was SUPER aggressive during the incident ... ripping his shirt and causing him bruising and an injured shoulder.

Brown’s trainer — Glen Holt — was arrested and charged with burglary with battery after the incident. Brown reportedly locked himself inside his home and was non-cooperative with police. A warrant for Brown’s arrest was issued Wednesday.

It’s the latest in a number of disturbing stories regarding Brown’s behavior over the last couple months.

Brown — considered one of the best receivers of his era — played in just one NFL game in 2019. He was accused of rape in September and cut by the Patriots.

Given everything that has happened with Brown since then, it seems unlikely he’ll return to the NFL unless he can get his personal life in order.

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