Man Yells ‘Sexist and Homophobic’ Slurs, Spits on Pregnant Asian Woman in Oakland

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A pregnant woman was spit on and yelled at while she was on her way to work in Downtown Oakland, Calif.

What happened: Tina and her husband were driving to work when a man spit in her face and yelled racial and homophobic slurs while they were stopped at a red light.

  • A man can be seen approaching the car and heard spitting and yelling profanities at Tina in a dashcam video posted on Twitter.

  • She told KRON that the man was "circling our car trying to talk to my husband to get out," but since she was seven months pregnant, she didn't want to put the baby at risk.

  • The slurs led the pair to believe the incident was racially motivated.

  • Tina is a healthcare worker and was immediately tested for COVID-19 after breaking down at work.

  • "After he was yelling and shouting at us that's when I felt like this was because we were Asian and because our windows were down, it was a perfect time to target us," she told KRON.

The aftermath: The incident has been reported to Oakland police, according to SFGate.

  • Tina believes that "now is the perfect time to stand up for ourselves we have to advocate for ourselves so I hope this helps others to do the same."

  • She intends to report the attack to other AAPI organizations that track these incidents.

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