Manasquan: Stop Jumping, Back-Flipping, Diving In Watson’s Creek

Tom Davis

MANASQUAN – Manasquan police want young adults to stop behaving recklessly at Watson's Creek.

Manasquan Police Chief Michael Bauer said the COVID -19 pandemic has created many unusual challenges for the Manasquan Police Department and the "latest challenge involves young adults jumping, back-flipping and diving into Watson’s Creek."

They are doing this off Manasquan's dock along Perrine Boulevard and the Fourth Avenue lot, and ogg the bridges, he said.

"We understand that these young adults have more time on their hands than normal," Bauer said. "There is less school and limited employment opportunities. Sporting activities that would normally take up hours of their time are no longer available to them."

Bauer said the police know that they are looking to socialize and have fun with their friends, "but they need to find a safer and legal way to entertain themselves."

"These young adults are recklessly endangering themselves and others with these acts," he said. "They often dive into extremely shallow water endangering their own well-being.

Over the last several years, boat traffic, paddle boarders and jet ski activity has increased dramatically in this area, Bauer said. Boaters might not be able to see the people when they are in the water and may inadvertently run them over, he said.

There are also pipelines that run under the water that these young adults cannot see, he said. Some of the young adults are illegally trespassing on privately owned boats to access the pilings where they perform their stunts, he said.

"Signs have been posted prohibiting these dangerous and illegal activities. We have posted an officer to these areas of concern as well," he said. "These officers will monitor the actions of these young adults and take corrective action when warranted.

"Please have a discussion with your child about these unsafe and illegal activities and help us keep everyone safe this summer."

This article originally appeared on the Manasquan-Belmar Patch