Manchester woman pleads guilty to attempted murder, sentenced to 22 years

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Aug. 31—A Manchester woman will spend at least 22 1/2 years behind bars after pleading guilty Wednesday to the attempted murder of a roommate who was involved in a love triangle.

Jimi Denise Bryant, 42, appeared in Hillsborough County Superior Court and received a 22 1/2 to 50-year sentence for the August 2020 attempted murder, according to a statement issued by Hillsborough County Attorney John Coughlin. The statement attributes the attack to a love triangle gone wrong.

According to the statement, Bryant tried to strangle her roommate from behind in late August 2020. The woman ran out their apartment, Bryant grabbed two kitchen knives and stabbed the victim in the face, mouth and body.

She suffered 42 stab wounds, and survived in large part due to the emergency response of Manchester police and trauma surgeons at Elliot Hospital, the statement reads.

"Ms. Bryant committed a horrendous and violent act which demanded a serious penalty," the prosecutor, Assistant County Attorney Thomas Craig, said in the statement. The plea bargain means there will be no appeal in the case.

Police have said the attack took place at 99 Derryfield Court, just off Mammoth Road.