Mandy Moore celebrates son Gus' 3rd birthday with cute photo montage: 'You amaze us'

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Mandy Moore is paying homage to her son Gus on his third birthday.

On Instagram, Moore shared some sweet photos of Gus and she accompanied the post with NRBQ's hit song "Feel You Around Me."

In the caption for her Feb. 20 post, Moore talked about her son's amazing personality.

She wrote, "3! How in the world has time flown so fast? You amaze us in every way, Goosey. Your smile lights up every room, your curiosity about the world around you evolves daily, your obsession with construction vehicles continues to grow with a fervor, your tender heart and love for your family, including your brother (in between clocking him with a random toy of course) melts us….

"We are so lucky. Thank you for the greatest gift of being your mom. Cheers to more laughs, trucks and gummies, my sweet boy. We 💓 you!!! Happy Birthday!!" Moore added.

The "Dr. Death" star shares Gus and her younger son, Oscar, with her husband, Taylor Goldsmith.

During an October 2023 appearance on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, Moore shared what it's like to be a mom of two and said even though its been a "wild" experience for her, she would still like to welcome more kids in the future.

"My husband thinks I'm crazy," Moore said of becoming a mom again.

"I have not closed that door," she added.

Read on to learn more about Mandy Moore's kids.

August 'Gus' Harrison Goldsmith

In February 2021, Moore and Goldsmith welcomed their oldest son, August "Gus" Harrison Goldsmith.

On Instagram, Moore said they decided to name him August because it was during that same month when they found out they were going to have a boy. August is also the month that Goldsmith was born.

"We always loved the name... so it was settled very early on in our book," she said.

For Gus' first birthday, Moore threw him an outdoor party and dressed him in a cream cable knit sweater to match her similar outfit.

"Making memories and so full of love and cake,” Moore captioned the birthday pictures on Instagram.

In July 2023, Gus spontaneously started to get a rash all over his body. Moore said she took him to see many doctors, who concluded that Gus was suffering from a "viral childhood rash that just spontaneously appears called Gianotti-Crosti syndrome."

Once she learned what it was, Moore said that parenting can be "weird and hard," and even though she feels "helpless" at times, she was "grateful" to know that Gus just had an "itchy skin condition."

Later in the year, Moore spoke with People during the holiday season about her family's plans, and said Gus was truly understanding what Christmas is all about.

“Now, he’s aware of it in a way that he wasn’t until this year, like last year, he was just sort of starting to grasp Christmas trees, but now he understands the concept of Santa and all of that is it’s so much more exciting," she said at the time.

Oscar 'Ozzie' Bennett Goldsmith

In October 2022, Moore welcomed her second son, Oscar "Ozzie" Bennett Goldsmith, with her husband.

“Ozzie is here!" she wrote on Instagram after his arrival. "Oscar Bennett Goldsmith arrived a little late but with much aplomb (and an easier/speedier delivery than his big brother, much to the delight of his parents). Every adage is true: our hearts have doubled in size and the immediacy of the love is astounding.”

When Ozzie was 2 months old, Moore talked about her son online and joked he's already started to display some interesting characteristics.

Ozzie "demands food at all times, rolls over the instant you put him on his tummy, is a dynamite traveler, sleeper and set baby, seems genuinely impressed with his big brother, loves to fall asleep in anyone’s arms and is generally so smooshy and dreamy he has Mom thinking about doing it all over again,” she said.

A few months later, Moore gave her fans an update on Ozzie and said he was growing up fast.

At 6 months old, Ozzie had been “rolling over, eating solids, starting to crawl," she said on Instagram.

“He is ready to GO!” she added.

However, one sweet thing that Moore noticed about her little guy was that he had a great deal of admiration for Gus.

“He’s obsessed with his big brother,” Moore said.

For Ozzie's first birthday, the "Tangled" actor shared some adorable pictures of him online and said she can't remember what life was like before he came into her and Goldsmith's lives.

"I’m elated for all of the adventures and milestones ahead. We love you to the moon, Oz," she said. "Squeezing these babies extra tight these days."

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