Manhunt after deadly Austin, Texas shooting

At least three people were killed on Sunday in a shooting at an Austin, Texas, apartment complex -- in what was the second shooting in the United States in one day involving multple victims.

Austin Police Department Acting Police Chief Joseph Chacon said a manhunt is still underway for the suspect.

"Our suspect at this point, we think we know who it is...He is tentatively identified as Stephen Nicholas Broderick... He's a black male, 41 years of age. He's described as being 5 foot 7 with an average build. He's wearing a gray hoodie, sunglasses, and a baseball cap."

The shooting in Austin occurred near a popular shopping area in the northwest part of the city, starling local residents.

Resident Michelle Ross:

"I'm a little worried just because, you know, we know a lot of our neighbors and our dogs were here and everything but. And you know I guess it's our, our neighborhood so that's really scary."

Officials noted that while the suspect is still at large, the shooting appears to be a domestic, isolated incident and there appears to be no risk to the general public.

1,200 miles away, another shooting rang out early on Sunday morning -- when a gunman opened fire at a bar in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, killing three.

The shootings come as Americans are already on high alert after more than half a dozen deadly mass shootings in the United States over the past month.


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