Mankato Free Press Features Pittsburgh Ahead Of 'Frozen Four'

The Mankato Free Press is featuring Pittsburgh ahead of the Frozen Four college hockey tournament.

Video Transcript

- OK. We've been talking about the Pirates today. But we should say there is another big game in town. College hockey's Frozen Four Championship tournament is happening at PBG Paints Arena today through Saturday. So the ice crew has been busy converting the Penguins ice surface over to the tournament surface. You can see they've been moving fast. Three Minnesota teams are in the Frozen Four. And it's interesting to see what they're reporting about Pittsburgh.

- And this is a video created by a reporter with the Mankato Free Press. He's sharing some sights to see while in town for the games, commenting on our history, our art, restaurants including, of course, [INAUDIBLE] sandwiches, and the architecture.

- Yeah. And they also mention our many bridges, saying Pittsburgh is a river town like Mankato, only a little bit bigger. And you can watch the full video at

- And it's cool to see somebody else's perspective on our town because we know how great it is but to see somebody else say it is cool.

- Well, it's always self-affirming whenever you hear someone else say, what a great town you live in.